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About Revive Art Journaling

Art therapeutic pathway to hope and healing

Revive Art Journaling, LLC is a minority women lead company founded in 2019. It's mission is to provide a pathway to hope and healing through a meaningful, impactful, and transformative art journaling program that encourages individuals to live free, be revived and thrive emotionally, spiritually, socially and physically.

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Our Services

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart"- William Wordworth

Therapeutic Art Workshops

Revive Art Journaling provide therapeutic sessions that entails distinct discipline that incorporates creative methods of expression through visual art media. Sessions are designed to support and promote SEL (Social and Emotional Learning), mental and emotional health and well-being, self expression and learning that builds confidence among youth and families. Workshops are inspirational, culture-sensitive fun, exciting and enjoyable. Individual and group sessions can be arranged for all ages.  Interested in scheduling a session?

Handmade & Devotional Journals

Shop our custom handmade journals and devotional journals. Find hope and inspiration from our prayer journals for your daily devotions including "Bloom into Fruition" and "Draw Closer to God's Heart" or view our lovely collection of handmade and creatively designed journals using meaningful prompts to encourage thoughtful reflection and mindfulness. Select the perfect journal for yourself or to gift to someone else. 

Youth Workshops

Revive Art Journaling actively leads workshops with youth (K-12) participating in afterschool programs at various public schools and private organizations. Students explore their sense of self, learn the concept of color theory, meditative mindfulness, develop their emotional intelligence, discover their creative identity, and gain confidence in their artistic, self-expression. We would be happy provide more information about our youth workshops.

Individual Workshop

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Group Workshop

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